En iransk ateist i Europa

I Debat af Anders Stjernholm

Farhad Zarni er 36 år, iransk født og ateist. Desuden er han en modig mand, der taler højt og bredt om sit syn på religion. Vi bad Farhad sende os nogle tanker om hans arbejde, situationen i Iran og i Europa for iranske ateister.

Farhad Zarni

I live in Denmark as a refugee and I am waiting for a residence- and living-permit. I am an atheist and I’m trying to tell my thoughts and beliefs to other people. I work a lot on social networks like facebook, and I have started a really active group that is called “Iranian Atheists in Europe” with about 16,000 members. Despite threats and injustices by the Iranian government and Islamic fanatics – and even family and friends – I am working hard to show the truth to people.

After I left Iran I finally felt what it is to have freedom to think about my beliefs. First, with suggestions from others around, I mistakenly decided to believe in Christ. But after lots of studies – and even after baptism – I came to the realization that I am an atheist and finally I found the truth with thousands of reasons.

According to Iranian laws people are forced after birth to be Muslim and in case you leave Islam, they can sentence you to death. Today in Iran, I know a lot of atheists who, because of the laws and fear of death, have to hide their beliefs and pretend to accept Islam. Do you think this religiosity have any value?! Because of all this, most of the atheists prefer to leave Iran somehow, in order to be free to choose their beliefs themselves.

But fortunately, according to the laws of European countries, the law protects all human with any religion. Many Iranians, who leave Iran and who feel free about their choices and their beliefs, change their religion from Islam to Christianity. That is because of the great support and propaganda of churches. And this change of religion is, in many cases, without any research and study. Unfortunately the conditions for Iranian atheists in Europe are different and much more difficult, because there is no organization or group to help and support them, and it is very difficult to promote and prove ones beliefs in a foreign country without the help of a group or organization in it. But I believe and I am sure that I and the other Iranian atheists in Europe, can show the truth to many of our compatriots with the diligence and perseverance in expressing beliefs and truths and with our support and help, we can give them strength and daring to live according to their true beliefs.

Because of the bad situation in Iran, atheists do not have the option of returning there. I wish that the European governments would support all Iranian atheists in Europe. They only wish to have the right to live as humans in peace. I really wish to see a day in Iran, where we can talk proudly and honestly about our beliefs and have the right to choose religion without any danger. Where people of different beliefs can live together in freedom without any fear.